Empowering Women for Sustainable Development: The LEGS Project in Katakwi District

The Local Economic Growth Support (LEGS) Project, implemented by the Ministry of Local Government with funding from Government of Uganda, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Lives and Livelihoods Fund.

In Katakwi District, a silent revolution is taking place, one that is empowering women and safeguarding the environment through training in the art of making energy-saving stoves and briquettes.

The training is to enhance household incomes and to mitigate deforestation caused by the traditional cooking methods often relying on wood fuel, recognizing this challenge, the LEGS Project is strategically investing in training women as agents of change.

Under the guidance of the Community Development Office of Katakwi District, these women have come together in unified groups, combining their expertise and skills in creating energy-efficient stoves and briquettes.

These innovations not only decrease the dependency on wood fuel but also provide a fresh opportunity to engage in the monetary economy.

A single cookstove is priced at shs.20000/=, while a sack of briquettes is available for shs.100,000/=.

Furthermore, the economic empowerment of these women has broader implications for their communities. With increased household incomes, they are better equipped to invest in education, healthcare, and other essentials for their families, thus fostering holistic development.

The LEGS Project serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative initiatives in all the Nineteen Districts of Alebtong, Bunyangabu ,Kabarole, Kumi, Kibuku, Katakwi, Kyenjojo, Ntoroko, Gomba, Nakaseke, Adjumani, Buyende, Tororo, Buikwe, Mwoya, Luwero and Rukungiri by harnessing the expertise of multiple stakeholders and prioritizing the inclusion of women, it exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainable development.

In Katakwi District, Through the many initiatives funded by the LEGS Project, Uganda is creating a path towards a brighter, greener future and an empowered woman generation at a time.

Joan Uwamaria, PR Assistant

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