Mr. Paul Okot Okello
Head of Department

1.0 Purpose of the Department:

To promote democratic governance, advocacy, transparency, and accountability in Local Governments.

1.1 Key Functions:

  1. To enhance the capacity of Local Governments to deliver quality services.

  2. To supervise and coordinate operations of Local Governments.

  3. To present requests of Local Governments for development programmes to line ministries.

  4. To evolve skills development for Local Government staff to deal with the challenges of decentralization process.

  5. To present, protect and defend local administration interests at all levels.

  6. To put in place mechanisms for equitable sharing of resources in the various Local Governments.

  7. To provide support supervision to Local Governments.

  8. To analyze reports from Local Governments and tender appropriate advice.

1.2 Key Outputs:

  1. Capacity of Local Governments to deliver services enhanced.

  2. Operations of Local Governments properly coordinated and supervised.

  3. Development programme requests of Local Governments presented to line ministries.

  4. Skills development for Local Government staff evolved.

  5. Local Government interests’ presented, protected and defended at all levels.

  6. Mechanisms for equitable distribution of resources among Local Governments put in place.

  7. Support supervision of Local Governments provided.

  8. Performance Improvement Plans for poorly performing Local