925B out of the 1 trillion allocated for the Parish Development Model  Funds has already been collected by the Beneficiaries. This was revealed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, Mr. Ben Kumumanya during the  quarterly meeting of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and Town Clerks (TCs) of Cities and Municipalities.

The PS noted that 30 districts and 9 municipalities had already made 100% disbursements, whereas 107 districts and 23 municipalities were above 80%. The PS was positive that the funds would boost livelihoods among the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the director planning and strategic interventions at the Uganda AIDS Commission Mr. Vincent Bagambe urged the CAOs and Technical Officers to align the HIV/AIDS response to the PDM Pillars. He encouraged the prioritisation of young women in the disbursement of the PDM funds, as this would economically empower them and minimise their vulnerability to contracting HIV/AIDS.

The meeting took place on 17th November,2023 at Imperial Royale

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