Financing Sustainable Urban Devt: Mbale City’s eLogrev Tax Collection System Rollout

The Electronic Local Government Revenue Collection System, widely known as E-LogRev, has emerged as a game-changer in revenue collection in Uganda. The e-Logrev automates, billing, tax payer registration, assessment, payment, reconciliation, enforcement and reporting of Local Government Revenue.  

The official enrolment of the eLogRev system in Mbale City marks a significant step toward modernizing and improving revenue collection in the cities. By embracing this technological innovation, Mbale City is setting an example for other local governments and cities in Uganda.

To ensure a seamless transition and effective utilization of the new system, the Ministry of Local Government conducted a comprehensive five-day training program in Mbale City. This initiative empowered district technical teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently operate the eLogRev system. Additionally, the Ministry supplied equipment to the three divisions of Industrial Division, Northern Division and Mbale City headquarters with essential tools, including laptops, printers, and internet routers to ease collection of Local Revenue through eLogrev.

The Resident City Commissioner Mr. Achila Rex handing over equipment to Abdul Azziz Sharaf (representing the Mayor) at the function

The Authorities in Mbale city anticipate a raise in revenue collection from three hundred and fourteen million (314) to approximately 700 million quartely. This is part of the city’s plan to boast its Domestic Revenue Mobilisation and transformative investments to improve service delivery.

In a statement, Mr. Ochen Ambrose, the City Clerk, expressed his optimism regarding the eLogRev system’s implementation. He said that, ‘’this initiative will effectively address the long-standing issues that have been impeding accountability and transparency within the city’s revenue collection processes. The introduction of eLogRev promises to usher in a new era of transparency and efficiency in Mbale City’s governance, offering a valuable model for the region and beyond.’’

City officials and the Ministry of Local Government staff posing for a group photo following the wrap-up meeting at the city hall.

Joan Uwamaria, PR Assistant

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