In 1995, The Ministry set up the Program Management Unit (PMU) to support it to implement the programs that are funded by the Development Partners. The reason was that Decentralization was still new in the Country and a lot of Pilot initiatives had to be undertaken to test and refine the process.

Over time, the Program Management Unit became a Program Support Team to compliment the efforts of the Ministry. The team works to design and implement programs and projects that position the Ministry to respond to the new global trends and policies introduced in the Country, and at the Region and International levels.

The role of Program support Unit is therefore to;

  1. Support the various Departments of the Ministry to plan, manage and implement activities of the programs funded by Development Partners.
  2. Provide technical expertise in the implementation of these projects.
  3. Design new projects and programs and negotiate with potential and willing Development partners to finance and implementation plan.
  4. Document lessons from the pilot and projects and programs so that they can feed into policy reforms for the Sector.
  5. Support the Ministry in developing new policies in Governments consideration
  6. Perform any other duties in the Ministry that the Ministry may request the Unit.