The Minister of Local Government Hon. Raphael Magyezi on Wednesday met the Executive members of Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) and Uganda Urban Authorities Association at the Ministry Headquarters; to discuss modalities of strengthening the operations of the Local Governments. It was the Minister’s first interaction with the leaders since he took over  office on 15th January 2020.The interactive meeting was also attended by Heads of Department at the Ministry and issues discussed included Local Government financing, Revenue Management, Corruption, Urban Development and Local Economic development among others.

In his speech, the Minister reiterated the central role played by the Local Governments in Uganda’s development and urged the Leaders to use the Local Government structures to fight Poverty, Unemployment, and Corruption.

The Minister also pledged to pursue a law on Local Government Financing, urging that there is a need to agree with parliament on the percentage of National Budget that should be allocated to Local Government Financing.  

 The Minister also assured the Leaders that they will soon start collecting revenue from Public service Vehicles which include Taxis and Buses.

 “The revenue from Taxis is not lost, it will be collected by the Uganda Revenue Authority and given back to you. I will soon issue a circular enforcing the collection of revenue from Parks,” He said.

 The Chairperson of the Chief Administrative Officers and CAO Tororo, Mr. Dunstan Balaba urged the Local Government leaders to pay more attention to Local Revenue as it is the only revenue over which they have total discretion

The Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ben Kumumanya appealed to the leaders to focus on their own contributions instead of merely lamenting.He also encouraged them to report cases of corruption to the ministry and other investigating bodies otherwise “their silence is now interpreted as  mean condoning”