Meeting of Chief Administrative Officers and Town Clerks of Municipalities: 6th April 2017

On Thursday 6th April, 2017, the Ministry of Local Government held a meeting of all Chief Administrative Officers and Town Clerks of Municipalities at Hotel Africana to discuss to discuss issues affecting service delivery in Local Governments and lay out strategies to strengthen and support the Local Government Sector in the delivery of services as well as implementing Government Programmes. The meeting was opened by the Minister of State for Local Government, Hon. Jennifer Kacha Namuyangu, on behalf of the Hon. Minister of Local Government, Hon. Tom Butime. A number of presentations were made by various Permanent Secretaries or their representatives in the areas of Health, Education, Agriculture, Management of Government equipment, Youth Livelihood, Procurement, Registration of school going children and issuance of National Identification Numbers (NIN) and Human Resource Issues  among others. The meeting was a follow up of an earlier one held on 6th January 2017.The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government Mr. Ben Kumumanya pledged to frequently organize similar meetings for purposes of sharing the best practices in service delivery. Similar meetings have been held and will continue being held with LV Chairpersons and Mayors of Municipalities. By the end of the one day meeting, Chief Administrative Officers and Town Clerks of Municipalities were reminded