The Hon. Minister of State for Local Government Jenipher Namuyangumade a presentation on “building more resilience for climate change interventions in the Local Governments” at the 10th Session of the World Urban Forum which is underway at Abu Dhabi.

The Hon. Minister led a delegation of participants from the Urban Local Governments to share practices and knowledge on how Cities are built and managed. This comes at a time when the Ministry is preparing for the phased operationalization of 15 Cities after an exhaustive multi-sectoral consultative process.

The Cities, which are awaiting parliament’s approval, will among others, ease pressure on Kampala Capital City, address rapid unplanned Urbanisation and ensure equitable regional growth and development.  In Uganda, Urban areas contribute to 70% of the Country’s GDP.

Participants at the World Urban Forum include representatives of National, Regional and Local Governments; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); Community-Based Organizations; Research Institutions and Academies; the Private Sector; Development Finance Institutions; Foundations; the Media; and UN organizations and other international agencies.