Energy for Rural Electrification Programme II

ERT 11, MoLG component is a World Bank funded programme that seeks to up scale participation and involvement and the efficient use of energy by the LGs.

Programme Goal:

The overall goal of the programme is:

  • To improve access to energy in the districts by providing solar energy to primary institutions (Primary Health units, primary schools, sub-county offices, primary staff houses
  • To enable LGs became active participants in the ERT programme
  • To train LGs on how to integrate energy and ICT in their development plan and programmes
  • To develop LGs capacities for regulating some rural electrification related business in accordance with the electricity act
  • To support LGs collect data and information of energy in their areas
  • To promote and facilitate solar acquisition using local government structure
  • To develop structures in each of the LGs to address energy and ICT issues